With all great technological developments, we have to accept the good and the bad.

This will undoubtedly be the case in the insurance industry. The article referenced below raises some interesting points about how the huge technological and data-gathering leaps being taken may lead to quite a nasty juncture. 

We are probably going to get to a point where we know a bit too much about our customers. Growing up in Belfast, I know all too well how difficult it is to get car insurance - the most expensive place in the UK to get insured as a young male! How hard would that have been if my day-to-day routine, my diet, sleeping pattern etc. was analysed from the age of 16? 

Many ethical questions will be raised over the coming years as data measurement becomes ever more intrusive. However, if firms communicate clearly with their stakeholders and lead by example, clearly drawing the line between what is ethical and what goes a bit too far, we should have nothing to fear!