Google are notorious for their secret algorithms, and updates constantly tweaking how their search engine works, keeping SEO experts and web developers on their toes.  

Their latest update highlights the importance of a quality website that focuses on user experience.  One of the mistakes a lot of people make with their digital profile is to forget they are still dealing with people.  Despite the physical disconnect between individuals, there should not be a disconnect between your website and the user.  

Take for example the pop up, imagine in real life you're in a store looking at products on the shelf with interest and BOOM out of nowhere a member of staff 'pops up' in front of you, inviting you to register for a loyalty card.  That would be a bit annoying.  Now imagine it happens every time you visit that isle, or every five minutes you're in the store.  You just wouldn't do it, so why do it online?    

Now imagine your at the checkout, you're happy and ready to pay and leave, then you realise you've forgotten something but you can't leave the que. You're trapped in one way user experience, where you can either pay for what you have or leave and come back in.  That's exactly what happens when you remove the back button and it's as painful online as it is in real life.  

Pop ups are great everybody wants to know about fantastic offers... at the right time and in the right place.  User experience is king make it the first and the last thing you test for in your website and all of online platforms.

Via @glenngabe