What is Passle?

Passle is a place where you can share your expertise.

How does it works?

Unlike conventional blogs, Passle’s software facilitates on-the-go commentary with professional looking results that can be customized to fit your brand message. 

There are different pricing tiers, each with their own perks, from tailored training to custom design (try it out for free here). 

It's also free for anyone to follow a Passle.


Passle posts range from in-depth standalone knowledge pieces to quickfire commentaries on the news.

Here are a few popular Passle posts to show the range of work that is created:

And here are a few Passles, organized by topic, that you can browse:

What can you do?

Passle is wired to social, you can easily share any Passle post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and become part of a global conversation. 

What’s unique about Passle is that you can also add tweets to your posts to provide further context (like I have!). When your post goes live, you have the opportunity to thank them to amplify your message.

Why do you need it?

Content can be hard to prioritize when you’re already overwhelmed by work. Outsourcing doesn't work as no one knows the niche better than the experts who work in it.

Passle's software takes the hassle out of creating content. Training, set-up and ongoing support are all provided. You can easily comment on industry news while commuting, from your phone or tablet, as well as computer.

Passle puts content back where it belongs: in the hands of experts.

What are the advantages of using Passle?

  • Be seen as the “go-to” experts in your niche by creating regular relevant content
  • Enhance your social media presence, leading to deeper engagement with prospects and existing clients.
  • Drive the right people to your website, thanks to improved SEO

Try it out?

Why not try Passle out for yourself? We're offering a free 30-day trial at the moment!